What To See In Perast Montenegro

If you are looking for a relaxing day trip that is only 30 minutes away from Kotor, look no further than visiting Perast. It can be reached by boat or car, and it will take you no more than 30 minutes.

Perast is well known for a small island in the Bay just across from the town. The Church of Our Lady of the Rocks on the island is one of Montenegro’s most popular tourist attractions. But Perast has a lot more to offer!

The Best Things To Do In Perast Montenegro

Perast was a little fishing hamlet until the Venetians’ war with the Turks brought it to prominence. Perast prospered under the Venetians, who constructed several mansions and churches.

With palm trees and castles, bougainvillea bursting over fences, and the lovely bay right across the street, preserves much of its 18th-century beauty today. It is located within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kotor’s Natural and Cultural-Historical Region.

Perast, situated at the foot of Sveti Elijah Hill, is a stunning blend of natural beauty, history, culture, and charm. It’s the ideal spot for soaking in the splendor of the Bay Of Kotor (Boka Kotorska) for a few hours. And if you love photography, is a must-see since it is stunning from every perspective!

On your day trip from Kotor, here are a few activities to do in Perast.

Boat Tour To The Island

The boat ride to the island in the center of the bay is the most popular activity in Perast. Be sure to spend enough time exploring, not just thinking about getting back home.

Be prepared with your smartphone or camera as you depart Perast’s pier since the sights of Perast from the water will steal your breath away. Even though the weather was bad on the day we went, I was taken away by how lovely the tiny village looked.

Although there are two islands in the Bay of Kotor, you may only disembark on one of them. Both of these little islands are breathtakingly beautiful, so bring your camera!

The island of Saint George is the only one on which you are not allowed to go ashore. It’s a natural island with a historic monastery on it. The Church of Our Lady of the Rocks is located on the second island.

Water taxis to the island depart every few minutes from Perast’s pier. The round journey cost us 5 Euros for each person. Our boatman said we could stay on the island for an hour, which was sufficient for us.

Visit Our Lady Of The Rocks Church

Visit Our lady of the rock in Perast Montenegro
Island Our Lady of the Rock

In the Bay of Kotor, Gospa od Skrpjela is a man-made island. After an icon of the Madonna and Child was discovered on a rock in the ocean, the fisherman in the vicinity placed it in place stone by stone. The custom of adding additional boulders to the islet is still carried out every year in July at a ceremony.

The Church of Our Lady of the Rocks is located on the islet. Take a walk around the church to see it from all sides. Then go inside to see the lovely frescoes, many of which were created by a local artist.

A tapestry woven by a lady from Perast hangs in the church’s sacristy. Over 25 years, she meticulously constructed it. Aside from the length of time it took to finish, the tapestry is notable for including some of the lady’s hair weaved in with the gold and silver threads. The altar is stunning.

A modest museum adjacent to the church houses a handful of votives and other religious items in a small space. The church is free to enter, however, the museum charges a modest fee.

Enjoy Waterfront Promenade in Perast

Here a walk along the waterfront promenade is a must! The walk takes only a few minutes, but the views are breathtaking.

Perast promenade by the sea where you can walk

The city’s Venetian Campanile rises from the houses at the bottom of the hill, and boats bobbing on the lake may be seen from the dock. You may obtain great postcard shots of Perast from the end of the promenade on the side farthest from the Campanile.

If the weather permits, you may unwind with a drink at an outside table. Outdoor dining is available at many of the restaurants along the Boulevard, several of which are directly on the lake. Choose a vantage point with a clear view of the bay and the two small islands, and relax!

Visit The Old Town Of Perast

Perast has only one main street, which runs parallel to the water. Behind the buildings, a tiny alley runs parallel, and even narrower passageways with steps link the hilltop to the ocean.

The Perast Museum

You may take a brief stroll through the alleyways, which are lined with stone-walled buildings and a plethora of cats! Although we were told that Perast is being renovated, the alleyways of Kotor are more fascinating and in better shape.

If you only have a short amount of time, admire the architecture along the main street’s front and visit one or two of the lovely Baroque palaces that flank the street.

In this little town, there are 17 Baroque palaces! They were all constructed under the Venetian administration in the 18th century.

Some are now in ruins, yet they nevertheless have a charming appearance!

The Bujovic Palace, with its exquisite architectural detail, is a must-see. It is situated on the town’s eastern outskirts. The Perast Museum is situated within the palace, so you may take a tour of the inside as well.

Visit Churches in Perast

Perast also has a large number of churches. Sixteen, to be exact, which is a lot for a little town! The town’s wealth and significance in the 18th century may be seen in the number of palaces and churches.

The inside of St. Nicholas’ Church is magnificent, although it remains unfinished. Climb to the top of the 180-foot bell tower for a 360-degree panorama of the town and bay!

The Smekja Palace is directly adjacent to St. Mark’s Church. It is not a functioning church any longer, but the facade is pretty, with the Venetian winged lion above the door and two statues of St. Mark on either side at the highest.

The towering bell tower of St. Anton of Padua Church is visible from the sea, albeit it is not on the waterfront. Climb to the top of this bell tower for spectacular views of the Bay of Kotor.

Armonia, a wonderful restaurant on the main street, served us lunch. Even before we arrived, the huge jasmine on the terrace blowing its fragrant smell onto the road had me sold. We sat indoors because it was raining the day we went.

When we were seated, I peeked around and was instantly enthralled by the design! Some of the chair backs have a stunning fresco-like image and it’s really easy to spot there’s been a lot of thought put into the décor.

Our food was also excellent, making us an overall five-star experience. I had some cutlets with veggies and cheese from the meat-free menu. My spouse ordered the lamb, and we shared the chocolate dessert. It’s all delicious!

Later, we had some cake at Djardin. It’s an restaurant with excellent reviews. They also serve fish and seafood, and most of the tables were filled during lunchtime.

Enjoy Amazing Views Of The Bay of Kotor

The major route that round the Bay of Kotor travels above, rather than through, Perast. There are a few turnouts or wide spots where you’ll park and obtain out of your car for the foremost amazing views of the Bay of Kotor.

We didn’t do it on the day we went to Perast, but we did it on another day when the weather was nice. We also got some amazing shots of the river and Perast’s roofs.

You’ll also notice a lot of lovely wildflowers along the road while it’s in bloom. When driving by, the vistas are definitely worth a brief stop!

How Long Should I Stay In Perast?

Perast is just approximately 7.5 miles from Kotor, making it easy to go from one to the other whether you have a vehicle or take public transportation.

A leisurely visit to Perast, including the boat ride to the island, should take around 4 to 5 hours. We spent approximately 5 hours in Perast, including a relaxing lunch, and we felt that this was plenty of time to wander around the town, see a few churches/palaces, and do the boat trip, which included an hour on the island.

Enjoy Perast Near By Area

If you just have one day in Montenegro, you may combine Perast and Old Town Kotor in one day, giving yourself ample time to experience both towns.

If you have a few days in Montenegro and are staying in Kotor, you may take a one-day trip to Herceg Novi, Risan (for a quick look at the Roman mosaics), and Perast. That’s exactly what we did.

You could alternatively spend half of your day in Perast and half in Budva’s Old Town. Any of these activities will guarantee a pleasant day in Montenegro!

Top 5 Places To Visit In Montenegro During Summer

The holiday season is just about to begin. Some have already planned their vacation and chosen their favorite destination. If you belong to a group of people who are not yet sure where to spend their summer holidays, they want to spend their vacation in a friendly environment, they are in love with the Adriatic and its coasts, our suggestion is to visit the following 5 places in Montenegro.

Top 5 places to visit in Montenegro

We are showing you some of the best places to visit during in Montenegro this summer. There’s no ranking to shows them in order, but this list should serve as a good place to start exploring Montenegro.


The greatest treasure that this sea destination can boast of today is the beach called “Blue Horizons”, which is characterized by exceptional natural beauty and turquoise-blue and clear sea.

The beach is sandy, and the ideal climatic conditions will make you return home full of positive energy from this place. Other beaches that are also popular when it comes to tourists are Kukoljina, Beltane, Regina, and Seljanovo.

From Tivat to the old town of Kotor can be reached relatively quickly, in about ten minutes, while the distance to Herceg Novi by ferry is only 20 km. If you like a dynamic vacation and excursions, you can decide to visit these two very attractive coastal cities.

Tivat is one of the youngest towns in the Bay of Kotor and is the only town on the Montenegrin coast that has an airport, so it is accessible to tourists around the world. From Belgrade to Tivat can be reached by plane in less than an hour.

Lipa Cave near Cetinje

This is one of the tourist attractions that is the perfect trip for the whole family. Lipa (Lipska) Cave is one of the largest caves in Montenegro, with an impressive view and a wild ecosystem of passages and passages, creating for visitors the feeling that they have stepped on another planet.

If you like to explore caves, Lipa cave is a top place to visit in Montenegro
Photo: lipa-cave.me

The Lipa Cave was the creator of its natural art, creating a complex, jovial and authentic form of cave decorations. Located near Cetinje, today is one of those sights of Montenegro that you must see if you are visiting our country.

The Lipa Cave offers a charming diversity of the underground world, completely different from what you encounter every day, thus allowing visitors to experience a unique experience of the authentic wilderness of the cave. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure and enjoy an exciting cave expedition.

Biograd (Biogradsko) lake near Kolasin

In the very center of Biogradska gora is, perhaps the most “romantic” Biogradsko lake. In winter, the lake is covered with thick ice, and deer and hinds walk on it. The area around the lake is landscaped, easily accessible, and is increasingly the target of tourists from the country and the world. Many experts, domestic and foreign, consider it the most beautiful lake on the Balkan Peninsula. It is a unique temple of nature.

Biogradsko lake is one of the top places to visit in Montenegro
Biogradsko lake is one of the top places to visit in Montenegro

The largest Montenegrin mountain lake lies in a deep trail of former glaciers, at an altitude of 1094 meters, and is fed by its crystal clear water by the Biogradska river and the Bendovac stream.

The lake is 1100 meters long and 410 meters wide, with an average depth of 4.5 meters, which makes it suitable for boating and enjoying the clean mountain air and amazing scenes of reflection of the surrounding mountains in the emerald color of the lake.

Tara River Canyon

Absolutely magnificent Tara bridge and Tara river canyon are places must visit in Montenegro

Rafting on the river Tara is one of the most popular adrenaline activities you can do in Montenegro. The Tara River forms a canyon at an incredible depth of 1300 meters, making it one of the deepest canyons in the world. The canyon “cuts” the mountainous area of the Durmitor National Park, allowing tourists a beautiful view from the river view.

The Tara River Canyon is the deepest canyon in Europe.

When it comes to the sights of Montenegro, if you love nature, you can admire the canyon from a distance. Climbing to the top of the mountain Curevac, the view extends towards the beautiful natural creation of the river Tara, but be careful, because this view is surrounded by the walls of the canyon. In any case, the canyon of the river Tara is one of the most famous sights of Montenegro that will leave a lasting impression on you.

Prcanj in Boka Bay

The natural climatic health resort, which many still call an air spa, because of the air that is enriched with ions, is an ideal place for all those who have problems with frequent respiratory infections as well as sinuses. It is clear to everyone that this is Prcanj, the most beautiful bay in the Bay of Kotor. In addition to the healing sea currents, this coastal place is specific in that the water in the sea has been declared extremely clean (it has been assigned I and II category).

As for the beaches, they are small and in most places concrete. The most famous beach is Markov rt, which is only 1 km long and extends to Stoliv, which is adorned with a beautiful sandy beach.

Near Prcanj is the old town of Kotor which you should also visit if this summer you plan to stay in one of the hotels of this famous Montenegrin resort.

Perast a home of famous sailors

If you are a lover of history and art, and at the same time you are looking for a visit to a unique and impressive coastal city in many ways, then Perast is the right destination for you. It inherited its current appearance in the 18th century, so the entire maritime city was built in the Baroque style. Although only 350 locals live in the city, during your stay in Perast you can visit as many as 18 small churches. One of them is the church of St. Nicholas with a spectacular bell tower as high as 55 m.

Don't miss visiting Perast in Montenegro

This church is also the main symbol of this truly unreal town.

From the coast, there is a fantastic view of the only artificial island in the Adriatic – Our Lady of Rock, which covers an area of more than 3000 m2.

As for the beach, it can be reached by going down the stairs. Since the town is all in stone, it is recommended for young married couples, but also for all those curious people who want to gain an unforgettable experience.

If you have not yet decided where you could spend the upcoming summer, visiting Montenegro is one of the great options.

The Best 9 Sights To See In Montenegro

You would probably think that a small country like Montenegro would certainly lack the best sights and cultural attractions that could attract tourists from all over the world. However, on the contrary, Montenegro can boast of monuments at every turn, whether they are from the middle ages (or earlier), or natural resources such as national parks, canyons, or caves.

The best sights to see in Montenegro

Here are some of the best sights to visit in Montenegro. There’s no ranking to shows them in order, but this list should serve as a good place to start exploring Montenegro.

How to visit the best sights in Montenegro

Exploring Montenegro with a car is the best thing you can do if planning to visit Montenegro. If you don’t come in your car, we highly recommend renting a car and getting around at your own pace. Tara-Car is one of the best local companies for car rentals in Montenegro. They have very affordable prices, quality service, and new cars.

Blue Cave in Lustica

Montenegro is characterized by a variety of natural resources, on which man has had minimal influence. For this reason, Montenegrin natural beauties, from the coast to the high mountains, provide numerous opportunities for excursions, camps or cruises, and are almost always on the list of favorite destinations for touring Montenegro.

One such natural landmark is the Blue Cave, a place that once you visit, you are enchanted forever. It is known for its unusual blue color that refracts in countless shades, and the only way to reach it is by sea. For that purpose, numerous tours are organized from Kotor and Herceg Novi, and precisely because of that, at least when it comes to Herceg Novi, the best sights in Montenegro necessarily include this cave.

A lot is waiting for you in the Blue Cave, especially for fans of swimming and diving, and, interestingly, you can reach it by kayak, which is an activity that is specially organized.

Fortress of St. Ivan in Kotor

When it comes to Kotor, the sights for which it is most famous belong to the category of cultural and historical monuments, with good reason. You will meet one of the most famous scenes in Kotor, a city that depicts the cultural and historical significance of the Bay of Kotor in a more significant way.

It is the fortification of Sveti Ivan, a masterpiece of the defensive architecture of the Middle Ages, and the most beautiful lookout point in Montenegro positioned just above the Old Town of Kotor. If you decide to visit it, a slightly harder climb awaits you, which perfectly complements the surrounding nature, and finally, a view that encompasses the entire bay, which is expected for the fortification, which is one of the biggest attractions in Kotor.

Lustica peninsula

The Lustica peninsula is the right destination for all those who want to get to know them somewhat more traditional sights in Montenegro – in this case, a peninsula where the way of life has not changed for centuries. The Lustica peninsula is known as wild and inaccessible, a place where endless summer reigns and which will get under your skin.

Lustica is one of those places that should always be considered one of the best sights in Montenegro, but it rarely gets a chance to shine, since it is not sufficiently urbanized and is more suitable for adventurous types.

The position of this peninsula is also interesting, because on one side it belongs to the Bay of Boka, while on the other side it is open to the Adriatic. If you decide to take the time to visit this peninsula in a circle, you will come across villages that have stood unchanged for a hundred years, the same can be said for the way of life.

Cultural and historical walk on the Royal Capital of Cetinje

Cetinje is one of the best sights in Montenegro, considering cultural and historical heritage

Cetinje is the Royal capital of Montenegro, so when you are in Budva, you can often hear as a recommendation to visit this town. Cetinje used to be the seat of the Montenegrin royal court, and today it is one of the most important cultural and historical places of Montenegro. It’s on all tourist itineraries as one of the best sights in Montenegro to visit.

Cetinje is a small town, also a prototype of a Montenegrin mountain town, so you really won’t have any problems coping. The town abounds in the charm of the “old world”, which is the reason for its popularity, as well as the fact that the most important cultural and historical monuments of Montenegro from the time of the kingdom are located here.

Driving to this town will open the door to a turbulent history preserved in physical form in institutions such as the National Museum, King Nikola’s Palace, the Blue Palace, and many others, so we believe that your time will be well spent.

Nevidio Canyon

Nevidio is located on the road from Nikšić to Durmitor, and it is, as its name suggests, an “invisible” canyon, first explored in 1965. Today it is one of the most popular adrenaline attractions in Montenegro, for all lovers of canyoning, but also for those who enjoy the wild and untouched environment.

Available tours generally include 2 km of canyons, including plenty of swimming, ascents, descents, but also jumps, so be prepared for the effort. The tour lasts on average about 3 and a half hours, depending on the physical condition of the group, perfect for all fans of adrenaline content who want to spice up their summer a bit.

Duklja the ancient town in Montenegro

Duklja is an ancient Roman town near Podgorica, one of the oldest sights in Montenegro
Duklja near Podgorica

Among the cultural and historical sights of Montenegro, we should include archeological sites, among which Duklja stands out, in Latin Doclea. Its ruins are located near Podgorica, more precisely 3 km north of it, so it is not difficult to find.

The earliest layers belong to the settlement of the Illyrian tribe from the period of the 1st century AD, with the architecture that best suits the Roman way of building, with the central axis connecting all the most representative buildings.

Duklja also includes a necropolis with over 300 excavated graves, in which many valuable objects such as jewelry, ceramic and glass vessels, fibulae, etc. were found. If you are interested in the ancient history of Montenegro, Duklja is a great place to start, because later the medieval state originated from it.

Sveti Stefan in Budva

Definitely, Sveti Stefan, is in the top 3 sights in Montenegro to visit
Sveti Stefan near Budva is one of the best sights in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is a small island and hotel complex, located in the northeast of Budva, at the foot of one of the ridges of the mountain Lovcen. Although it is a luxurious hotel complex, what makes the island of Sveti Stefan unique is its amazing history. According to the legend, the fortification was built on the island during the 15th century, when it was first inhabited.

The need to build a fortress stemmed from the fact that the settlement needed protection – numerous families from the surrounding villages desperately sought shelter from the Turkish invasion and pirate attacks. In addition to the fortress, the island has three churches – the church of St. Stephen, after which the island was named, and which is located on the highest part of the island, the church of Alexander Nevsky and the Church of the Transfiguration, which is also the smallest on the island.

When it comes to Budva, the sights located on the island of Sveti Stefan have a long tradition and a rich cultural and historical heritage. Each building on the island has a unique story, revealing authentic details and an irresistible charm that you will surely appreciate.

Black Lake in Zabljak

Do not miss visiting Black lake in Durmitor, as it's on the top list for best sights in Montenegro
Black lake in Montenegro

When it comes to Montenegro, breathtaking sights with their beauty, natural surroundings, and beautiful landscapes are not only on the coast. Zabljak offers tourists a glacial lake surrounded by a pine forest that is shyly reflected in the water. The area becomes even more impressive if the top of Medjed Mountain is in the background.

Black Lake is divided into two, smaller lakes – Big and Small Lake, interconnected by a narrow passage. If you like hiking and walking tours, in this place there is a trail 3 and a half kilometers long, which surrounds the lake. It takes about an hour and a half to cross the entire section. There are steep areas on the way that require climbing, but that is not an excessive challenge, so a pleasant walk is guaranteed.

Pavlova Strana in the National Park Skadar Lake

Explore National Park Skadar Lake in Montenegro, one of the most popular attractions
Amazing Pavlova view point

If you belong to the group of people who believe that the beauty of Montenegro lies in the hidden parts of the interior of the country, you are right. The beautiful meander on Lake Skadar, with a view of the famous Pavlova Strana, perfectly shows the place where the Crnojevića River flows into Lake Skadar in the National Park.

This view alone is enough of an invitation to visit an unreal beautiful place, especially when it comes to the natural sights of Montenegro. A place where a real adventure awaits you. A place where you can go on a cruise, a mountaineering expedition, and visit fishing villages and fortresses along the way.

The Best Beaches in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country rich in numerous natural beauties, and when it comes to the Adriatic coast, it certainly represents the most important and most beautiful part of Montenegro. If you decide to spend your summer on the Adriatic coast, we will do our best to guide you to visit some of the best beaches in Montenegro, so that we can help you choose the right destination.

How many beaches in Montenegro?

Located along the Adriatic coast on the Mediterranean has its perks. Montenegro, with a total of 117 beaches stretches over 294 km long rocky and sandy coast, tells it all! This coast regularly draws lots of tourists from all over Europe and the world.

It was very hard to pick up the best beaches from 117 amazing beaches. However, here are the few you can enjoy your summer vacay.

Beaches in Budva

Queen’s Beach at Milocer park

Near Sveti Stefan is the place of Milocer, which is known for its beautiful sandy beach, excellent hotels, and lush vegetation. Not far away is the Queen’s Beach or for locals „Mala plaza“, which is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in Montenegro and the Mediterranean. The beach is a little less than 300 m long, surrounded by lush forest, and located near the summer residence of Karadjordjevic.

Queens beach in Milocer near Budva Montenegro

Lucice beach in Petrovac

At about 500m from Petrovac, hidden behind cypresses and pine trees, there is a beautiful sandy beach Lucice, located in a small bay. The ports are known for their unreal light blue, clear sea. There are several bars on the beach, sun loungers, and parasols, but you can also find free space on the sand.

Lucice beach in Petrovac is one of the most popular in Montenegro

Jaz beach – 3km from Budva

A few kilometers from Budva is the beach Jaz, which is one of the longest, and in the opinion of many, one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. This beach consists of two parts, one of which was once a nudist beach. Jaz is also known for numerous events and concerts, which are often held here. This is also one of the favorite places for campers. Because of all this, this beach is especially popular among young people.

Emerald blue clear water on the Jaz beach near Budva in Montenegro
Photo credits: placesofjuma.com

Beaches in Herceg Novi

Zanjice beach

Zanjice beach is located in the Miriste bay, located in the ambiance of the azure blue sea and old olive groves. The beach is made of white stones, 300 m long, 15 m wide and can accommodate about 1000 bathers. Nearby are the Blue Cave and the island of Mamula with the old Austrian fortress, which can be reached by private boats or through excursion programs of travel agencies. You can reach the beach Zanjice by land, via Krasic and Radovic, but also by sea.

Beaches in Tivat

Oblatno beach

Oblatno is a bay located near the village of Radovici, 1200 m long, with a sandy beach and another smaller rocky one. The environment is wooded and untouched by construction, which gives the place a special value.

Beaches in Lustica

Plavi Horizonti

On the Lustica peninsula, there is a beautiful beach Plavi Horizonti. The beach has been very popular for years, both because of the fine golden sand and the beautiful clear Adriatic, and because of the rich Mediterranean vegetation, which provides visitors with pleasant shade even on the hottest days. The beach is especially popular among families with children due to its long shoal, landscaping, and beautiful nature. You can rent parasols and deck chairs on the beach, and there is also an excellent restaurant serving local cuisine.

Beaches in Bar

Veliki pijesak

„Veliki“ and „Mali pijesak“, literally translated as Big and Small sand, bays are located in the south of the Bar municipality, about ten kilometers away in the direction of Ulcinj. They have a sandy surface, in the water and on the shore. Due to the extraordinary location, you can enjoy a fantastic sunset in the late afternoon. The beaches are about 600 m long, connected by the main road.

What’s your favorite beach in Montenegro? Tell us in the comments below.